Rafting Through The Grand Canyon Is Amazing

Posted by on Nov 28, 2016 in Rafting, Water Sports

Rafting Through The Grand Canyon Is Amazing

Are you looking for your next adventure? Many of the people who find out articles online, find them because they are really looking for an adventure. Most of them do not know exactly what they want to do but they know that it has to be fun, it has to be different and it has to be memorable. If you fit the profile of our average visitor , who comes to our website, then you definitely are looking for a fun time. One of the more interesting things that you can do when you visit here is rafting through the Grand Canyon. that probably isn’t what you had planned but just hearing that it is an option probably excites you.

Grand Canyon rafting trips are a ton of fun and it is something that you will remember for a lifetime. People who experience that when they come here to talk about it for the rest of their lives. Think about it you will be paddling through one of the oldest structures on Earth come an area of the people come every year for vacation and to be mesmerized by the natural beauty of it. You would be able to see it on a whole different level than everyone else has ever gotten to say it. But most people come to the Grand Canyon they will not be doing something as amazing as you are going to do when you come here.

So this definitely is the ideal trip for somebody who is Adventure ready. What does Adventure ready mean, it means that you are up for an exciting and good time. You don’t want the average vacation, you want to do something different and amazing. Average vacation experience just won’t do for you because you’re not the average Traveler. Vacation isn’t for chilling out and taking in the sights and a very passive way, no, not at all, for you vacation is about Adventure and excitement. It is about the things that make you passionate, that energizes you and that refreshes you. So rafting through the Grand Canyon it’s the perfect trip for you because it fits your personality perfectly. It is everything that you are and more. It is the type of spirits that you have been dying for a long time. As you can see one of the most exciting things that you can do in the Grand Canyon is to go rafting it is one of the most exciting things, it is a joy to do, it is exhilarating and picture worthy. It is something that must be on your bucket list and something that you have to check out. It is very easy to set up a trip to do that. If you’re truly interested give us a telephone call or send us a message and we can talk about how we can organize the perfect trip for you. This is the perfect trip and something you must experience.

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Whitewater Rafting: Definitely Not For The Faint-of-Heart

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Whitewater Rafting: The Serious Adrenaline Boost

What do the Whirlpool Rapids Gorge and the Celestial Falls have in common save for the fact that they have cool-sounding names?

They just happen to be two of the world’s most notorious rapids classified as Class VI – the most dangerous and strictly off limits to anyone, even extreme professional athletes. You will never know the true meaning of a close call until you come face to face with a Class VI whitewater river system. With the sheer height of vertical drops reaching as high as 50 feet punctuated with boulders as huge as a two-story house and whitewater that is as tall as a London double-decker, this is the stuff that makes legends.

whitewater rafting

And this is the reason why whitewater rafting in certain locations around the world is considered an extreme adventure sport, however not commercial whitewater raft trips in Grand Canyon. One exception to this rule and despite some of the funnest rapids including a few class V rapids (Class X on a I to X rating scale in Grand Canyon) Colorado river trips in Grand Canyon are NOT considered an adventure sport.  A good tip to keep this in mind when purchasing trip insurance.

Adventure Sport or Extreme Sport?

Many individuals get lost in the meaning of the term adventure and extreme. While many individuals think of them as one and the same, experts believe that they are different. Adventure sport is any activity that is done in natural environments such as open fields, lakes, rivers, seas, and mountains, among others.

Extreme sports are sports that are characterized by danger, speed, highly specialized equipment or gear, height, a level of physical exertion that is exceptionally high, and / or incredible stunts. Not all adventure sports are extreme and not all extreme sports are adventuresome. This distinction is necessary to define whitewater rafting.

A Matter of Both

Since whitewater rafting is carried out in natural environment, that rightfully classifies it as an adventure sport. However, whitewater rafting also entails a certain degree of danger unlike canoeing, with considerable height from the vertical drops of falls, and speed that can reach up to 20 miles per hours on some of the fastest rapids in the world. Whitewater rafting also requires a specialized set of gear and equipment and an extremely high level of physical exertion in order to maneuver the oar, paddle, dory or hybrid raft through the rapids. Something professionally handled by your expert guides when on a raft trip in the Grand Canyon.

This makes whitewater rafting a truly one-of-a-kind extreme adventure sport because nature itself is the one that provides the element of danger that makes it extreme. And it is this nature that only the brave dare face the fearsome Class VI. Technically, they can only face Class V because Class VI rapids are definitely a red zone.

Not for the Faint-of-Heart

There are fundamentally six classes of white water rivers. The first two are basically for beginners while Classes III and IV already have considerable danger – fast rapids, considerable waves, sufficient amounts of obstacles and hazards, substantial drops, and significant physical exertion in maneuvering. Class V will be the ultimate in legal whitewater rafting. Legal because the highest and most dangerous class of rapids, a Class VI, is strictly off-limits. Class V will be for the extreme athlete, – one who can punch through a towering wave, survive a 30-foot drop, and navigate through sharp turns and twists.

Whitewater rafting is truly a one-of-a-kind sport. By offering yourself at the mercy of Mother Nature’s wrath, you are not only crazy, but you are, in essence, putting a nail in your own coffin. But if you do survive a Class V, the accolade of the world will be yours forever.

Commercial raft trips in Grand Canyon are not considered an adventure sport, and certainly not an extreme sport. Additionally, they do not require passengers to have knowledge or experience in rafting, as the expert guides employed by the outfitters will be handling navigating down the Colorado River. They are all trained in First Aid, and carry a satellite telephone to be able to call for help should a problem arise. Grand Canyon raft trips are heavily regulated by the National Park with strict safety guidelines. There are 16 commercial rafting outfitters represented by a company called Advantage Grand Canyon are licensed outfitters and they are only allowed to bring passengers down the river due to their excellent safety records.

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How to Make Rafting More Enjoyable and Safer

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How to Make Rafting More Enjoyable and Safer

Rafting is, in fact, a great way to play with the flow of cold water and rough rapids in streams. This adventure sport is something that rules the minds and hearts of those people, who have the interest to pick up some estimable adventurous moments in your life. In India white water rafting in Rishikesh is very famous for northern region of the country.

Rafting is enjoyed in fast stream flowing water with one or more people riding on a boat especially made of rubber. The entire crew use run boat using raft according to the speed and flow of water passing from the various arrow places. To enjoy rafting fully you need to set up rafting camping in rishikesh so that you can well prepare and make yourself ready to drive in the water. To enjoy the rafting safely there are few useful tips discussed below which should be followed especially by the first time rafters.


Go only with experienced trainers & rafters

Rafting is dangerous especially for the people who don’t know how to swim and if any mishap occurs during rafting the only experienced and trained can help to save you from this kind of situations. The experience can be quite thrilling and exciting and people who love to white water raft are surely going to enjoy it thoroughly. It is also useful to take some advice from the experts before entering into water which can help you while enjoying the white water rafting in anyplace on the earth.

Choose the right outfits suitable for rafting

There are few cloths especially meant for rafting and it very necessary to wear the right clothes at the time of rafting. Footwear and air pads also needs to be given thought to and also make sure to follow all clarifications and instructions so that this sporting activity remains safe and you do not end up in any accident. Rafting dress makes you comfortable while riding on the boat and it can also protect you from water and other possible injuries usually occurs during rafting.

Avoid overflowing rivers to safe voyage

rafting watersports

Rafting is most enjoyable in fast streaming water flow but overflowing waters or rivers can be dangerous for anyone. During monsoon or raining seasons all major rivers flow with excess water making dangerous for this kind of activities. And due to excess water rafting camping in Rishikesh is also not possible alongside the rivers, so chose the right destination and rivers for a safer voyage.

Useful Techniques & Skills

To take safe journey contingent upon the rafting evaluation you have to do some reparation heretofore. If you are going to ride on class IV or V rapids, you have to verify you are secure in your swimming capacity. Waterway runner specialists and rafting instructors will direct your suitably as per the evaluation you have chosen for your rafting trip in any part of the country. Rafting can enjoyable only when people make them mentally prepare to enter into water even they don’t know how to swim in the water all the essential instructions should be strictly followed to get a memorable rafting experience.

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Whitewater Kayaking Safety Tips

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Keeping Safe Kayaking On The Rapids

Kayaking is on the rise, as it offers the best in outdoor activities full of thrills and spills. Chasing the spray meets much of today’s need for exciting sport, however being capable and knowing fundamental safety rules about kayaking can have the effect between an incredible trip and one where somebody lands in a crisis circumstance.


Before making a beeline for the waters for an adrenaline surge, comprehend what you are doing. Nobody ought to practice whitewater kayaking without having figured out how to really control your art and escape a tight spot or a risky circumstance. Kayaking clubs have encountered educators that will show you how to direct and control your kayak through rapids. Never attempt this game without essential preparing.

Continuously wear a helmet. The extensive stones in rapids are extremely unsafe and there is a danger of hitting your head on one if you tip over. A helmet is standard hardware for river kayaking, so dependably ensure you have one preceding hitting the rapids. Make certain that the helmet you have is one that is endorsed for the game and that the alterations have been made with the goal that it fits effectively. Your helmet ought to be safely attached. If you ever drop your helmet or have a mishap and the helmet takes a thump, don’t utilize it again. Toss your helmet for another one, as helmets are intended to take one blow.

Your next bit of standard rigging is an individual flotation device. Life jackets are intended to keep your head above water if you tumble from your kayak. Never believe your capacity to swim or have a lot of certainty that you won’t endure a crisis circumstance. Accidents happen to even proficient kayakers. Wearing your lifejacket when you are kayaking can mean the difference in the middle of life and death.

whitewater kayaking

Being overconfident and tackling white water that is over your expertise level is extremely risky. Work up to higher river classifications gradually and ensure that your capacity coordinates the risks of the rapids. This kind of obligation runs hand in hand with checking the classification of the river before you take off on a kayaking trip. Regardless of the possibility that others have the capacity to handle certain segments of the rapids, know your own particular breaking points and portage around more difficult zones.

Wear the right clothing for the action. Engineered fabrics offer lightweight compactness and a decent measure of warmth. A wet suit can be an alternative if the water is cool. The danger of hypothermia does not merit dressing improperly. You can likewise bring additional clothing and stow it inside your kayak, however verify any rigging conveyed in your watercraft is tied safely.

Continuously make the most of your kayaking vacation with more than one individual. River kayaking is a risky movement and it’s generally best to appreciate the water with a gathering of individuals. If anything happens, you’ll have help accessible instantly. At the point when kayaking in a gathering, regard everybody’s position and never pass the pioneer or fall behind the scope. Safety relies on upon each of the bunch’s activities and being capable is the key to an awesome vacation.

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